Tennis club was formally founded, and 3 courts built.


Pavilion was refurbished. Fundraising started for a new football pitch.


New football pitch construction began in April, largely complete by October.

Fundraising started for a 2 lane outdoor cricket net and bowling machine.


January, an Open Day was held to allow the sports clubs to present to the village what they did and intended to do as the facilities improved. Cricket, tennis, football, stoolball, golf, fitness training, and cycling were represented.

Barry Wood received a plaque from WSCC and Sir Tim Rice opened the cricket nets with Bill Gourlay ad Manu Pezier

The football club played South Cost Lions, using the new pitch for the first time. South Coast Lions included, ex-Portsmouth and Tottenham players, Guy Butters and Darren Anderton.

2014 – 2016

Fernhurst In Training, junior football and cricket training sessions, and tennis roll ups took place every Saturday.


Project, Pavilion2022 initiated. The aim being to build a new pavilion to meet the needs of the village for the next 50 years.