The bowls club and tennis group lose their green and courts. They had been using those of AstraZeneca Agrochemicals, formerly ICI, who have announced they will be leaving the village as they are to merge with Novartis and move to Switzerland.

An STRI Ground Survey confirmed that the clay top layer at the recreation ground meant that significant and costly work was required to ensure good drainage necessary for frequent winter use of the football pitch.


A policy was adopted that a ‘champion’, willing and able to raise funding for construction and ongoing maintenance of a new facility, e.g. skateboard park, would be required before the Trust would support such a change at the ground.

2005 – 2006

Following advice from consultants, Chichester District Council, Football Association, and others, a ‘Total Project’ was initiated, to provide improved sports and community facilities.

2007 – 2008

Sport’s governing bodies and other funding groups were supportive of the project however as the Trust had no members and the clubs had no lease to use the ground and pavilion, funds were not forthcoming. The money raised was returned with donors generously registering their interest to help any successor scheme.

The Trust and sports clubs reorganised, merging the sports clubs under the Trust banner to allow either the trust or sports clubs to successfully apply for grants, etc.


‘Total Project’ was closed in light of the financial difficulties faced by the country and funding bodies in favour of smaller sequential projects.

The tractor shed was rebuilt and fundraising for tennis courts began.