2017 May thru July

A survey has been undertaken, the results can be found if you follow this link.

2017 'til April

Design Committee formed and initial designs produced.

Committee to persue the project recruited.

Trust permitted the launch of the project led by John Mitchell.


Sports clubs agreed to meet the challenge presented to them by the Trustee, John Mitchell, i.e. if you commit to raising £5,000 each over the next 5 years and submit your expectations of an improved pavilion I will seek the Trusts permission to launch and appeal to significantly improve or replace the pavilion.

Before 2016

To find out more about the work that took place before Pavilion 2022 visit these pages of Fernhurst Recreation Ground Trust.


What do You Think? - Take Our Survey


The survey which was open for 4 weeks during April & May in 2017 has now closed. The results have been published in the local press as a Q&A session with John Mitchell and Bill Gourlay trustees of Fernhurst Recreation Ground. If you missed that article it can be read by clicking here.

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As part of our Pavilion 2022 project, we are asking the broader community to share their thoughts with us regarding the need for new sporting facilities in Fernhurst.

Please can you take the time to complete this short survey, and to share the link with anyone that you think would be keen to share their views.

Many thanks! . . . click on link below . . . . . 

Fernhurst Pavilion 2022 Survey